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Feedback - Management Training for Eye Care Programme Managers

It would be very useful in managing the eye care Programme.The knowledge of skills & have learned from all the facilities will be applied to improve the quality of the Programme.

- Archana Bhambal

The management training course very useful, fresh morning & I could learn many more things. I would apply my knowledge, skill in eye care management with effective way.
- Anurag Mishra

This course has all the ingredients of an excellent programmatic password,purposeful and appropriate crosswords delivered by competent experienced teachers, friendly and helpful supportive staff, first class facilities and learning resources and a unique ability to draw out the left of the participants.
This course gave me the opportunity to understand better the challenges of blindness prevention programs as described by the inspiring and diverse participants.
This course gave me the opportunity to understand better the challenges of blindness prevention programs as described by the inspiring and diverse participants.
- Amy Gray

I have learnt that the Aravind Model and the system are after all replicable and I got the tools from the course to implement it in my country.
- Mulu Lisanework

The content of the course change your way of thinking in delivery eye care services. It helps you thinking critically how to make eye care delivery more sustainable. The training practically showed us how to deliver the service both for the poor and for those we can afford to pay.
- Jemal Zeberga Shifa

The content of the course is very relevant to my work. It helps me a lot in planning and implementing the eye care projects in my country. It also helps for me to vision an overall eye care program (Long Term). The duration of the course is appropriate. The only think I am not very happy very much is the language / accent barriers. If the accents of some facilitators are easier to catch, the effectiveness of their lectures will be much more. Thank you very much for organising the course. You are doing great.

- Nguyen Thi Hue

The course is too relevant with not only eye care, for other health issues. It can be valuable for planning, implementing and Monitoring and Evaluation of a programme / project. It can inspire programme managers to take ambitions pro-people roles in their eye care services. This course yielded various tools with which the programme people even very senior like me will be able to plan, implement and supervise even regional and internatio0nal level eye health care programmes including in my own country.This course refreshed many, gave hope for final victory.

- Shamim Ul Moula

The course was relevant, practical and obviously effective, in addressing my needs as a manager. The whole approach, I believe can be replicated and tailored for other programs. The principles taught have really equipped us to be better managers regardless of the training. May the team keep up the good work.
- Johnston Vusumzi Wilberforce Kalala

I came……. I saw (learnt), I will go out to conquer!
- Jawwad Ahmad

A person who can manage to explain the meaning of colour to a blind….. That person can explain or manage anything in life. I have learned this tool from here in these 15 days.
- Utpal Madhusudan Jani

Refreshing and recommending new concepts and ideas for managing and providing eye care on a patient centered basis a great example of what will, work and imagination can do for the prevention of blindness.
- Enrique Graue Hernandez

After the course I feel my mind is full of plans of action. I will share and work with our partners to make these plans is the true.
- Tran Quang Thuan

Dollar, Uro, Sidi, Yen, Rupees etc.
- Subramanyam Devarakonda

Thanks to all the LAICO staff for providing this course. The highlights of the course include an excellent clinical orientation approach to programme planning to reduce blindness, and opportunity to work with international participants.
- Carrie Libeu

The course is useful for me in managing the eye care programme. I will use the knowledge and skills which I have got from here in planning, problem solving in
- Fatma.J.Omar

Developing a good eye care system
- Zhuoma Quji

After this training course, I hope that I will be able to apply what I have learnt from this course to my present work in my country depending on the real situation there. I also hope to improve the collaboration work and other problems solving with the partners for eye care programme.
- Vann Ratana