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Feedback - Management Training and Systems Development for Hospital Administrators / Managers
Unlearning to learn is a wonderful experience I feel confident to go back, initiate and execute management policy and skills which had been imported on me during the period of this course.
- Vrinda.G.Kumar

This course will help to operate my organization effectively and efficiently, Training skill makes the skill sharp.Thank to LAICO (Aravind).
- Pushpa Saha

I was really sent to this course to get some exposure but I have really gained a lot. First I was thinking from the employee’s point of view but now after this course my view has completely changed I see now from the Managers point of view to study Service population area to study the C.S.R to give the targets to maximum use the resources etc.The course has taught us to think more for the patient care.This course is really very useful as it covers all the things I am Happy about the course.
- Shekhar Narayanrao Sonawane

A person is required to sharp and update own skill.Training makes our skill sharpen. “Management Training and System Development for Hospital Administrators” course will help me to operate my organisation effectively and efficiently.Thanks LAICO for arranging that training course for the Hospital Administrator.
- Abul Alamd Mahbubul Haque

It is very useful to become a effective administrator of an eye hospital. This course covers all aspects of managerial skills and activity. Please continue it to build the effective manpower in ophthalmic field.
- Narasingha Nath Panigrathy

The overall experience in this course was really remarkable. I am working in a small private eye institution. I learnt here the way to improve, how to improve and why those all are required. I have gathered a broader perspective in eye care system. The one thing which I learnt is to run a big setup and for continuous improvement we need a good system in place for a better work environment with a good monitoring system.
- Alka Choubey

Every topic thought during the course was important practically, it was organised to be well understood. Each topic was taught effectively and I feel satisfied during the whole training as new ideas were gained.
- Asanga Eveline Amundam

The course is very comprehensive, as a nurse manager, I find it very useful in my daily duties. All the topics taught were relevant to my job.The training has really equipped me with managerial skills, Sharpened my knowledge and skills and I will definitely work in a better way.The knowledge and skills that I have acquired has given me more confidence to work efficiently and effectively.I really thank for all those who participated /contributed in brightening my career and in return my patient will benifit from my service.
- Emelda Kivumbi Lwena

This course had helped me to gain knowledge and develop skills for effectively manage the eye hospital that I am working with. This is my great opportunity to learn from Aravind Eye Care System which has 30 years of remarkable experience in the eye care field.The inputs help me to understand various departments interdisciplinary nature of eye hospital management.
- Jayanta Kumar Suna

The course has really changed my orientation about the Eye Care Service Delivery.I now have better knowledge and improved skills to develop and understand monitoring and evaluvation methods to ensure quality Eye Care Service Delivery.I am equipped with adequate tools that will make me perform more effectively and efficiently in my organisation. I am confident to go back to initiate and execute the concepts,strategies,and skills that I have gained from Aravind Eye Care System. Infact, sky is the limit for me to make use of this experience.
- Oladimeji Lydia Iyabo

This course is like a new birth into the world of Hospital Administration.  I have been equipped with adequate tools of Hospital Administration relevant to the dynamic business world not just of today but for future relevance.
- Daniel Oluwatosin Anthony

I have enriched my experience here.I have realised the power of training. Proper application can make me a successful administrator. Sky is now becoming the field of working area for me. Thanks to Aravind Eye Care System.

- Tanmoy Chakraborty