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Feedback - Project Management for Eye Care
LAICO stands for :-“Learning Accountable Innovative Comprehensive Outstanding Skills!”

- Vijaya Venkatram

The course was very good.  I learnt many things from this course. This course made me a real Manager.

- Arnab Sarkar

Too Good
- Keshabnanda Bora

This course will help me in future guidance for betterment of our rural eye care hospital. Eye care module was very strong.Soft skills were very well aligned with content courses. Some of the LAICO faculties are externally effective trainers.
- Venkataramanan.K

Faculties (both Internal and External) are good qualified persons.Knowledge base training was imparted. This impact will show in our work. More exercises helped in building the memories of learning.
- Chador Wangdi

The course went well. It is very much helpful for me to develop the project successfully in future. The course covered all the topics and very much satisfied with the practical exercises.
- Arun Pandey