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Profile - Short Term Course in Refraction Techniques

Education Centres
    Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai
Target group :One year experince in Refraction and Basic knowledge in English
No.of Positions:7 per batch
Duration:2 months
Starting Date:First of Febraury &  August of each year
Frequency:Offered twice a year
Medium of Instruction:English
Faculty Co-ordinator:Dr. Usha Kim
Started Year2007


The overall prevalence of blindness around the globe demands for well trained paramedical personnel. The latest developments in the field of ophthalmology in ratio with the new disease condition are the greatest challenges for the paramedics. The Aravind -SSI survey revealed that there is a strong need to provide structured training for the refraction practitioners. Aravind eye care system with its immense potential to handle and manage the training programs has become a role model. Since there is a variation in the standard of training provided elsewhere, there needs to be a focus on the enhancement of clinical and supervisory skills in refraction. The course will primarily focus on enhancing the skills of refraction practitioners, and to upgrade their knowledge and skill, and to provide customised clinical skill development.

What this course teaches you

Perform quality refraction and prescribe the suitable power glasses.Measuring the IOL power for cataract patients.Measuring the field of vision by manual testing methods. Detecting the squint eye for better possible vision.Screening the patient in camps for appropriate further treatment.Improve workflow to support cost effective eye care system.

Aravind Eye Care System

Aravind is a social organization committed to its goal of eliminating needless blindness through its network of five hospitals, extensive community outreach activities and providing over 20% of its services completely free of cost.

Aravind Plays an important Role in Ophthalmic Training

The education and training programmes at Aravind Eye Care System are intended for all levels of training of ophthalmologists, optometrists, ophthalmic assistants and ophthalmic technicians.

How will you learn?

  • Training Methodology
  • Lectures.
  • Observation in refraction chambers.
  • Hands-on training
  • Group discussion, situation analysis study, seminars and case presentation.
  • Out reach camps.

Evaluation Pattern

  • Maintaining log book
  • Weekly evaluation
  • Practical Examination
  • Final Exam (Theory & Practical)

    Aravind Eye Hospital, Pondicherry